Apple 2009 Xserve SSD Cable 821-0838 056-2937 051-7975 pinout

As the title implies this is a pinout of the SSD cable used to add a SATA-LIF SSD drive to a 2009 Xserve. I put this together by doing a pin to pin ohm out of the connector and using various resources online to identify the 24 pins on the SATA-LIF side of the connector. If you would like to create an adapter to add a SATA based SSD this pinout should allow you to pretty easily do that. You will just need to purchase a 2×8 Pin 1.27mm Pitch Female Square Pin Header Connector, a breakout SATA plug and then solder up the connections. The SSDs in the XServe was held in by double sided tape so that is in fact an acceptable method to secure the drive.

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