Wait For OS X El Capitan 10.11.2

Well a few days after the Apple released of El Capitan and unfortunately this time the update broke much more than you would expect. In the 2 days I have been running it on  two of systems here are just some of the more annoying issues I have dealt with.

  • Turning on Filevault caused my Macbook Pro to refuse to boot at all. After trying every trick to get it to boot the only was to fix it was a fresh OS install.
  • Filevault on my Mac Mini was stuck on pause indefinitely and didn’t list a reason. Hours of study revealed that filevault didn’t want to encrypt while it was connected by usb to my UPS power backup. ( I mean WTF?! It could have at least gave some sort of message in addition to “encryption paused” I mean anything would have been helpful!)
  • My mac mini randomly loses it’s usb external speakers and headset. They just stop working and disappear from the system. Even if you unplug and plug them back in they refuse to work until you reboot.
  • Clicking the speaker icon in the menu with the option key doesn’t work anymore. At all it just seems to REALLY piss El Capitan off. It will either give you the new and not so improved color ball of death or sometime it will display the wrong menu in place of the sound options you would expect
  • Printing is now extremely CPU intensive. When printing to my hp 8600 I am seeing IPP use at least 80% CPU and at time up to 100% with various other print processes not far behind. At times it was using so much juice printing it would actually cause extreme lag. Trying to print a handful of documents that in past was no big deal now renders the system useless till the prints are all done.

It would seem that the new “Improved” apple OS X didn’t really get tested as well as we would have hoped. The best thing we can do is pray that within the next few days Apple’s uh oh team gets on it and starts on damage control….

I would high recommend sticking with Yosemite until at least 10.11.2. At this point the amount of things El Capitan breaks is alarming. I have had more issues in 2 days than I have in all my years as a mac users.

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